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Buck-Identity Workshops

The Student Life Multicultural Center offers educational programming to assist students in developing the necessary skills, awareness and knowledge to engage in diverse workplaces and to support equitable, positive social change. Hosted by our SJE (Social Justice Engagement) team, the Buck-Identity Workshop series examines how issues surrounding social identity, stereotypes and bias affect our community. Participating Buckeyes will leave with a strong framework upon which they can build personal and community accountability, sustainable advocacy and strong relationships across difference.

Please see below for details about each of the workshops we offer.

Workshop Request

To request a workshop go to

Before filling out the request form, please note: 

  • Due to a staffing shortage, workshop requests made for outside of the Multicultural Center's regular hours (Monday- Thursday 8:00am- 5:00 pm) may not be possible. Weekend workshop requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis pending staff availability.  
  • To allow us time to schedule a facilitator, all workshop requests must be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance.
  • Please allow one week to hear back from a staff member about your request.
  • All workshops count for DICE credit except for MCC 101 (visit the DICE Certificate Program page to learn more).


Buck-Identity Workshop Series

Please find descriptions of each workshop in our series below. Please note that each workshop is about 1 hour in length. SJE is happy to combine two or more presentations for a longer workshop if desired.

Don't see a topic that suits your needs? Please see our 'Custom Workshop' offering on the request form and let us know what you were hoping to see. SJE has many activities and shorter presentations in our toolbox to build out specialized programs. 

  • Multicultural Center 101

Duration: 30 minutes

Audience: Groups seeking to learn about the SLMCC’s programs, services and offerings

Wondering what the Student Life Multicultural Center (SLMCC) is and how we can support you, your student organization or department? This workshop contains an overview of the SLMCC’s services and programs. This is an appropriate presentation for new students, staff and faculty or for groups who would like to learn more about the SLMCC and ways to be involved.

  • Who Am I? 

Duration: 1 hour

Audience: Groups interested in learning about the core concepts of social identity and gaining awareness of their identities

This discussion-based workshop is designed to raise awareness about social identities, power, and privilege. Participants will learn more about the social context of various social identities such as gender, race, class, sexuality, ability, etc. and reflect on their own identities in order to gain self-awareness. This presentation is great for student organizations, classrooms and any group looking to get a critical introduction to identity. 

  • Who Are We? 

Duration: 1 hour 

Audience: Groups that have already reflected on their own identities and want to learn more about the broader societal implications of social identity

This workshop is usually facilitated as a “part 2” to the Who am I? Workshop. It delves deeper into the broader societal context of social identity and digs into some core concepts of social justice. This workshop addresses themes such as prejudice, discrimination, and oppression. 

  • Why Don't You Understand Me?!

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

Audience: Groups seeking interpersonal/intercultural skills development.

Description: This workshop centers on communication across differences in perspective and experience. Participants will learn tools to shift any interaction from debate toward dialogue. Participants will also be introduced to skills such as perspective taking, trauma-informed approaches, and social identity awareness in order to encourage dialogue in their everyday lives.

  • Microaggressions 101

Duration: 1 hour

Audience: Groups seeking a better understanding of microaggressions

This workshop explores the concept of microaggressions and provides strategies for interrupting them. Learn about the difference between intention and impact and how to respond when you experience or witness a microaggression.

  • Media Matters

Duration: 1 hour

Audience: Groups interested in exploring the impacts of mass media, stereotypes, media representation, and media literacy

This interactive workshop discusses media representation, stereotypes, and their impact on our perceptions of others. It also gives tools for examining media and practicing media literacy. The material from this presentation is drawn from Common Sense Education and the Media Education Foundation.

  • Speak Up

Duration: 1 hour

Audience: Groups that are ready to learn more about ways to interrupt bias and take action against discrimination

This workshop will equip participants with tools to “speak up” against everyday bias incidents and to hold each other accountable for our words and actions. The material from this presentation is drawn from the publication "Speak Up at School: How to Respond to Everyday Prejudice, Bias and Stereotypes" by Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

  • Fostering Inclusive Organizations and Spaces

Duration: 1 hour

Audience: Groups, from student organizations to faculty and staff ,wanting to enhance their understanding and practice of diversity and inclusion work in the spaces they impact day to day.

This workshop focuses on comprehensively exploring the concepts of Diversity, Inclusion, Shared Leadership and Tokenism. Through group discussion and practice scenarios, participants will build foundational skills for diversity and inclusion work.

  • Custom

We are happy to tailor the content of our workshops just for you! If you would like to combine two workshops or have a new topic in mind that you don’t see here, please let us know. 

If you want to learn more about a specific social identity or community, our team of Intercultural Specialists can provide workshops and trainings that focus on minoritized communities here on campus and their lived experiences. 

For custom workshops with new topics, please submit your request six weeks in advance. 


Be sure to check out our Community Kit Project where you will find fun, flexible and adaptable tool, to help people facilitate within their own communities at a deeper awareness of diversity and social justice issues to foster more inclusive communities.