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Buck-Identity Workshops

The Student Life Multicultural Center offers a variety of workshops to assist students in developing skills, awareness, and knowledge on critical issues. The Buck-Identity Workshops aim to increase multicultural competency and intercultural skills within The Ohio State University community. These workshops examine how issues surrounding identity, stereotypes, and bias affect our community while providing Buckeyes with skills for relationship building and advocacy.

To request a workshop, please go to the following link after reading the descriptions of each workshop below. We ask that the request form is submitted at least three weeks in advance of the date you are requesting. Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

Buck-Identity Workshop Topics

Below are the most frequently requested workshops that we offer. If a topic you are interested in is not listed, please see our 'Custom Workshop' offering at the bottom of the page.

Multicultural Center 101

Learn more about how the Student Life Multicultural Center's services and programs can enhance your experience at The Ohio State University.

Who Am I? Who Are You? Who Are We?

An introduction to social identities and how they operate in various community settings.

Why Don't You Understand Me?!

A closer look at how social identity can impact communication and conflict. Participants learn about dialogue as a skill to communicate across difference.

8 Dumb Things Well Intended People Say that Widen the Diversity Gap

Common statements, often made by people that are not intentionally trying to cause harm, can impact others in very harmful ways. We examine eight examples of such statements by looking at the intent, impact and best response for each statement. This presentation is based off Dr. Maura Cullen's book, 35 Dumb Things Well-Intended People Say.

Media Matters

Analyze the use of media messages and how they affect our own concept of social groups. This presentation uses common forms of media (e.g. award shows, film, and music videos) to illuminate discussions on bias and stereotypes.

Speak Up 

Learn quick responses and ways to engage in dialogue when something that someone says "rubs you the wrong way" or is explicilty prejudiced. This workshop focuses on realistic ways to deal with such statements in various everyday contexts.

A Custom Workshop Just for You!

Want to learn more about a topic not listed? Does a combination of two of these workshops sound perfect? Great! We are happy to work with you to design something that's just the right fit. All you need to do is fill out the Workshop Request form at the top of this page and type 'Custom' into the Workshop Title section. Then provide details in the Purpose/Goals section. We'll get back to you right away to discuss our ideas!

For more information about workshops contact Bowen Marshall ( and Stephen Deaderick (deaderick.3@osu.eduor call 614.688.8449.

Be sure to check out our Community Kit Project where you will find fun, flexible and adaptable tools, to help people facilitate within their own communities at a deeper awareness of diversity and social justice issues to create healthier, more inclusive communities.