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Community Kits

The Community Kit project is an initiative from the Student Life Multicultural Center that puts YOU in charge of shaping your communities and spreading awareness and knowledge of diversity and social justice issues. With fun, flexible and adaptable tools, people facilitate within their own communities a deeper awareness of diversity and social justice issues to create healthier, more inclusive communities.

What is a Community Kit?

A Community Kit is an interactive, user-developed tool that offers a series of plug-and-play components selected by people to meet the specific needs of their community or organization. Each kit has an assortment of multimedia tools, structured activities, fact sheets, questions for reflection and potential opportunities for follow-up that can be mixed and matched to meet the specific developmental needs of individual communities here at Ohio State and beyond.

How to use the Community Kits?

The community kits were designed to be simple and easy to use for any group in any context. Here's how they work:

  • Under the "Community Kit Project" tab on the left side of the screen, there is a tab for each available kit. Click on the kit you want to use.
  • Determine how long your program will be and what your group would hope to get from using the kit.
  • Select the appropriate content; pick a mix of videos and interactive activities and match them with useful reflection questions for your group.
  • Already have some material you want to use? Mix and match it with what's available in the kit to personalize the experience for your community.

Need help deciding what to do or what material to use? Consultations are available to help you make those decisions! We also offer a series of workshops if you would like us to come in and facilitate a program for you.

Who can use the Community Kits? Anyone!

Peer-to-peer and experiential learning are powerful educational tools. The community kits enhance these tools with the power of social media and user-generated content to provide meaningful learning experiences across a variety of contexts. Here are some of the many uses for the kits:

  • In the residence halls: RAs and Hall Councils can facilitate floor programs.
  • In Greek-letter organizations: build a unique program that helps fulfill your diversity requirements and discusses issues of importance to the greek community.
  • In student government: both undergrad and grad students can use these kits as professional development tools for their committees and as awareness and knowledge building tools for their constituencies.
  • In student organizations: use these kits to build community, knowledge, awareness and skills for diversity and social justice within your organization or between student groups. Form relationships between leaders by having leaders from different groups co-facilitate sessions with both groups participating.
  • In the classroom: need something to bring the ideas of your class material to life for your students? Use these kits as practical, experiential ways for your students to learn how diversity skills relate to your course of study and to their futures as scholars and professionals in the working world.
  • With faculty or staff: use these kits as opportunities to facilitate staff development relating to issues of diversity and social justice.
  • Outside the University: anyone is welcome to use these materials and to contribute to its content.

What makes the Community Kit program so great!?

  • YOU pick the content.
    Pick the most relevant things you think your community needs to hear, see or discuss and choose the corresponding materials! Don't see what you need, send a request and we'll help you look for it!
  • YOU control the length of the programs.
    By picking the content, you can create short programs or full-day retreats, whatever fits the needs of your community!
  • YOU make the kits better.
    While some of the material in the kits is already provided, anyone can contribute material to the kits! Have an interesting video, thought-provoking article or fun activity to add to the mix? Made some content of your own? Share it with us!
  • YOU can use the kits anywhere.
  • These kits are built for use in a variety of settings and for groups of various sizes. Use them to build community in residence halls, as professional development tools with your staff or student organization or as interactive lectures in your classroom.

Comments, questions, suggestions or requests for consultations for the Community Kits can be submitted to the Student Life Multicultural Center at