Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience

Feminism and Gender Kit

Tough Guise: Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity

  1. While growing up, what images of manhood can you recall which defined manhood?
  2. How do these images of masculinity influence or affect how one might see their own manhood? Does this affect anyone you know?
  3. What are some negative consequences of violent masculinity that you know of or have witnessed? - Brought to you by Women's Aid HD version

  1. What are your initial feelings and thoughts after watching the video?
  2. How might domestic violence affect other spheres of a victim or survivors life?
  3. In the video, you hear the actress call cut on the scene after saying this isn't what she agreed to. How are women socialized to react to domestic violence?

Merida from Brave || Spoken Word by Hollie McNish

  1. What are the major differences you notice between the two Meridas?
  2. What are some of the impacts you feel the new Merida might have, big or small? How do those align with the poet's worries about the new Merida?
  3. What sets Merida apart from other Disney princesses? How have past directions of princesses, race or masculinity and femininity in Disney films been problematic?

Gillard labels Abbott a misogynist

  1. How do double standards for women specifically affect women in government?
  2. It what ways are or in what ways have you seen the actions of men in political office excused? Why isn't sexism, especially by men who are political leaders, not taken seriously?
  3. How has the gender of former Prime Minister Gillard affected her role as prime minister? Were her gender to be different, how would her position of power have been taken differently? How so?

Anita Sarkeesian at TEDxWomen 2012

  1. What kind of online climate allowed for the harassment of Anita Sarkessian? The violence Anita has encountered has been called "just a game" by some men. Why is this problematic?
  2. How realistic is the view of video culture as being male-dominated? Why is any challenge to this view threatening to some male gamers?
  3. How do video games discredit women? How would doing research on women's roles in video games change or impact video game culture?

Fake Geek Girls

  1. What are some other examples of things associated with women or femininity that are delegitimized or are not taken seriously?
  2. What double standards does this impose on women's bodies?
  3. How is male privilege being emphasized here?
  4. Comic-Con serves as a safe space for a group of people that feel they cannot express their interest outside the context of the convention. How is this complicated by the marginalization of women?

How Slut Shaming Becomes Victim Blaming

  1. How has language allowed for rape to be taken less seriously?
  2. How does a rape culture or a culture that blames victims and survivors of rape and sexual violence create barriers for survivors and victims?
  3. What steps can be taken to reduce slut shaming and promote a healthier climate for survivors and victims of rape and sexual assault?

The Violent Exploitation of Women in Fashion Continues

  1. What make these images of women so disturbing?
  2. In what ways might these images of women contribute to domestic violence?
  3. Do these images normalize or sexualize violence against women? Why or why not?

Google exec to girls: Tech needs you

  1. Why might the percentage of young women with computer science degrees be on the decline?
  2. Why is it important that women be represented as leaders in tech fields?
  3. In what ways can women be encouraged to enter the tech field? How can the tech field be made more accessible for women?

How to Talk to Little Girls // Inspire Her Mind 

  1. How, from a young age, taught that their value comes from their appearance?
  2. What cultural pressures might lead to young girls learning to define their value as coming from their appearance? What about young boys? How are these pressures different?
  3. What examples can you think of from your life that might have an impact on the way women or young women perceive their value?

Facebook Still Doesn't Consider Rape Jokes To Be Hate Speech

  1. What would you expect to happen if these images were directed toward another minority rather than women?
  2. What does Facebook's lack of response to these images say about how women are valued?
  3. How can you as an individual combat such images?
  4. What might the connection be with a predominant display of such images on Facebook and domestic violence? How could this make the survivors/victims feel? How do these images silence survivors/victims debating about speaking up?

Erykah Badu: June/July Cover Story

  1. How are most of the images of bodies made for male consumption?
  2. How does the entertainment industry contribute to the objectification of women?
  3. How are women's values bodied by media, by society and by art?

Let's Reinvent the ‘Don't Be a Slut' School Dress Code

  1. What does it mean to be a slut? How does this standard apply to men?
  2. Do schools have the right to ban or restrict what clothing women can wear? Should women be blamed for how they are treated by others for their clothing choice?
  3. Do boys with sagging pants elicit the same reaction of being sexually distracting? Why?
  4. Who defines what a slut is? How is the label of a slut reinforced?

Casting Call: Hollywood Needs More Women

  1. Is it problematic that women are not given equal representation in visual media?
  2. Why might men have more representation in visual media? Is this affected by who produces the films? How are these related?
  3. How does this affect other aspects of life? How are women represented in other spaces?

Judge rules casino waitress can be fired for gaining weight because they consented to become "sex objects"

  1. Should employment of men or women be tied to one's weight? How would this differently affect men and women?
  2. Does this affect what is defined as sexy? Does this employment practice tell women that only one size is attractive?
  3. What are some of the implications of the judge's rulings?

This Is What Happens When The Public Sees A Woman Abusing A Man / 13 Eye-Opening Confessions from Men in Abusive Relationships

  1. Before you open the links, what is your understanding of domestic violence? Who are victims of domestic violence?
  2. Why do you think that domestic violence against men isn’t taken as seriously?
  3. How does the notion of masculinity and victim blaming work together to keep males subjected to domestic violence silent about their attack?
  4. Why is there a double standard in domestic violence? What are some of the contributing factors to this?