Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience


If Lesbians Said The Things Straight People Say

  1. What statements stood out to you most? How did that make you feel?
  2. Have you ever asked these questions or said these statements? Why?
  3. Are these questions an evasion of privacy? Why or why not?

STUDY: LGBT Teachers Are Less Likely To Challenge Homophobia In the Classroom

  1. What risk do LGBT teachers face in the classroom and with employment? Can location affect this?
  2. What message, if any, does this send to students? What about LGBT student?
  3. What kind of climate did your high school have toward LGBT students? How do you think this compared with other schools?
  4. Whose job is it to combat homophobia?

The Tyranny of Buffness

  1. When you think of gay men what image comes to mind?
  2. How does body image affect gay men differently than other populations?
  3. How is masculinity tied to sexuality? Does this have negative impacts on gay men's mental health?

"I'm Good with Myself": A Conversation with Laverne Cox

  1. Do you see people who are trans* identified on TV? What kinds of shows do you see trans* people on and what kinds of roles do they play?
  2. Why is visibility of trans characters on TV important? How might a lack of visibility affect trans* people?
  3. What are the implications of having a trans character played by someone who does not identify as trans*? (e.g. Jared Leto as Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club and Jeffery Tambor in Transparent, etc.
  4. How might career paths for trans* actors and actresses differ from that of their peers?

We Think He Might Be A Boy

  1. What is your opinion on how the parents raised their child?
  2. Is it the parents job to police their children or to allow for self expression? How does this relate to gender and safety?
  3. Is this a practice you see as beneficial to children?
  4. What has this looked like in the long-term? (e.g. Jazz Jennings)

Health Concerns for Bisexuals / Top 10 Things Lesbians Should discuss with Their Healthcare Provider

  1. Why would the health concerns of someone who identifies as lesbian or bisexual differ from that of someone who identifies as gay or straight?
  2. What kind of questions do you feel are routinely asked in doctor visits? Do these questions apply to all people?
  3. How should doctors be more accommodating of the health concerns of LGBT people?
  4. How might family or economic status affect the health of bisexual people?
  5. How does the social climate contribute to some of the factors that lead to these health risks? 

Why bisexuals stay in the closet

  1. Where do societal opinions on bisexuality stem from?
  2. What are some risks bisexual people who stay in the closet might face that their out peers do not?
  3. How is bisexuality viewed in a campus climate? Are resources or visibility given to people who are bisexual?

How Asexuality Works

  1. Before reading this, what was your understanding of asexuality?
  2. Why is it considered odd for people to have little to no sex drive?
  3. What societal pressures might influence people to believe they should have a sex drive? How might this change between folks of various genders? How does this affect people who identify as asexual?
  4. What are the implications of having your sexuality listed as a mental disorder?

What Does Chelsea Maning's Gender Have to Do With You?

  1. What threats do people who are trans* identified face in prison? Is solitary confinement an ethical option for someone who is trans* in prison? If Chelsea Manning serves time in a men's correctional facility, how is she put at risk?
  2. Should the literal body of Chelsea Manning come into question or be of concern here?
  3. What in society might influence the way some commentators feel on this issue?

Lesbian Moms Get Air Time on Disney's 'Good Luck Charlie'

  1. Does the portrayal of lesbian moms on TV display a change in how we view family?
  2. Why are some groups reacting negatively or positively toward this? How do you view their concerns?
  3. How would this affect children who have same-sex parents? Do you feel it is important to show a diverse range of families on TV?

No contradiction: I'm black and gay

  1. How are issues for LGBT people compounded?
  2. What issues are specific to LGBT people of color?
  3. How might community and family come into play differently for LGBT people of color than their white peers?

The Unique Challenges Facing Queer People of Color17 Photos Reveal Why LGBTQ People of Color of Are #NotTooProudToFight During Pride Month

  1. What do you know of Pride? Are there any specific images that come to mind?
  2. Do people of color "fit in" in this image of pride? Why might people of color not be welcomed at LGBT events or functions?
  3. Do LGBT people of color have space or visibility?
  4. Reflect on this statement. "Your allies in one situation, could be your oppressors in the next." How does that make you feel? 

Queer, Undocumented and Unafraid

  1. How is immigration an LGBT issue? How does this compare to an issue like marriage equality?
  2. What issues or problems are specific to undocumented LGBT people?
  3. Why would undocumented LGBT people be pressured to stay closeted?