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(DICE) Diversity, Intercultural and Community Engagement

The Diversity, Intercultural, and Community Engagement Certificate Program (DICE) is a certificate earning program hosted by the Student Life Multicultural Center (SLMCC) for all students interested in enhancing their Ohio State experience through co-curricular involvement focused on diversity, social justice, and leadership. DICE provides diversity training through flexible, fun, experiential learning and serves as a unique way of supporting student identity and interpersonal development. Earning a DICE certificate is a great way for students to show future employers or graduate/professional schools that they had a vested interest in diversity and social justice during their time at Ohio State.

How to EARN your DICE Certificate:

To earn your DICE certificate, you must earn a total of at least 10 DICE credits by April 13, 2018. There are three levels of options to earn DICE credits (see the documents "DICE Overview 2017-2018" and "DICE Credit Option Descriptions" for more details). Your credits must be earned with the following stipulations:

  • You must earn at least five of your ten DICE credits from the options listed in Column A
  • You must complete at least one of the options listed in Column B OR Column C
  • You must complete a final reflection paper that is worth two DICE credits (you must have reached at least eight credits first)

The document "DICE Credit Option Descriptions" details how to find out which SLMCC programs count for DICE credit. Please review this carefully as credit will not be given to events that are not pre-approved for DICE credit.

How to TRACK your DICE Certificate:

You are responsible for tracking your progress in the DICE Certificate Program. You should download the document "DICE Tracking Form 2017-2018" and keep a copy on your computer that you can update regularly. The demographic information is optional to fill out to the extent you are comfortable disclosing that information. After you attend a program for DICE credit, you should record it on your tracking form. When you attend an event, if there is a sign-in sheet or BuckID card reader present at the event, please be sure to sign-in as your attendance at these events may be verified. It is also highly recommended that you write down, in a separate document, a few sentence reflection about the program you attended. This will help you recall the program's information and your initial thoughts when writing the final reflection paper. There is also a document you can view called "SAMPLE DICE Tracking Form" as an example of a completed DICE program.

How to COMPLETE your DICE Certificate:

After you have earned the appropriate number of credits, you should ensure that everything listed on your tracking form is accurate. You should then download the document "DICE Final Reflection Paper Instructions." Follow the instructions to write your final paper. When your final reflection paper and tracking form are both complete, you should e-mail both to the DICE Program Coordinator, Alex Winkowski ( You can also print out your materials and turn them into the front desk at the SLMCC (Ohio Union, Suite 1000). Alex will be in touch with you once all of your materials are verified. DICE certificates are printed in April and you will be contacted about how to pick it up closer to that date.

Remember, all of your DICE credits must be earned and turned in by April 13, 2018. For any questions or concerns, please contact the DICE Program Coordinator, Alex Winkowski, at


Mount Scholars:

You have tailored DICE requirements. Please see the "Mount Scholar DICE Requirements" document for more information.

Health Sciences Scholars:

You have tailored DICE requirements. Please see the "HSS DICE Requirements" document for more information.

Residence Life Student Staff:

Attending DICE programs is part of your Inclusive Leadership Development Series (ILDS). Please consult with your supervisor and residence life professional staff about your requirements.

A&P Staff:

If you are a staff member in Administration and Planning, please visit the A&P website for information about your DICE program:

If you are a staff or faculty member interested in creating tailored DICE requirements for a student group or population your work with, please contact DICE program coordinator Alex Winkowski (