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Open Doors Training

Open Doors is an anti-bias training program coordinated by the Office of Student Life and housed within the Student Life Multicultural Center. Open Doors works to address and eliminate bias at the Ohio State University. Sign-up for an Open Doors session and become a part of making the Ohio State University's campus an extraordinary experience for everyone.

Open Doors is a 4-hour training broken down into three conceptual modules, each addressing a unique aspect of responding to bias.

Open Doors trains members of the Buckeye community to identify and respond to incidents of bias. By agreeing to become an Open Doors Partner, the participant agrees to undergo training and to serve as a resource for people seeking help in reporting acts of bias.

After the training sessions a participant will receive resource materials about bias and diversity and an Open Doors Insignia to denote that she/he has completed the bias training and is an Open Doors Partner. The Open Doors Insignia is a symbol to all people who have experienced an act of bias that you are an understanding, supportive, and trustworthy individual. Witnesses or victims of bias will know that they can come to you as an ally for help, advice, or just to talk with someone who is supportive of their well-being.

The Open Doors Insignia also means that biased and discriminatory comments and actions will not be tolerated; they will be addressed in an educational and informative manner. The message that the Open Doors program will send out is one of understanding, non-judgment, and knowledge of the concerned parties' needs and experiences.

Open Doors is an active commitment on the part of the Ohio State University community to provide an atmosphere of unqualified acceptance and assistance. 

For more information visit or contact the Program Specialist for Open Doors/BART Hannah Simonetti (