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Week of Action

The Week of Action Calendar of Events: September 16 - 22, 2018

The Week of Action is an initiative that seeks to reach out to the entire Ohio State campus community in an effort to encourage students, staff and faculty to act in solidarity with and on behalf of people who are of a different race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious or spiritual identity, gender identity/expression, socioeconomic class, or other identity different than their own.

Each of the week's events and programs are heavily focused on the themes of awareness, education and action. The Student Life Multicultural Center is invested in working with the Ohio State community to share the information and tools necessary for everyone to actively participate as an "ally" to members of our campus and Central Ohio community.

At the conclusion of the week, we hope that all participants will have a better understanding of their fellow Buckeyes and have learned new tools in advocating for one another. Check out these different programs and events, which will be facilitated by fellow students, for ways YOU can get involved!

Sign the “Week of Action” Pledge

All Week

Stop by the Student Life Multicultural Center, located in the Ohio Union, to sign the Week of Action Pledge. Post your statement on social media with the hashtag #BuckeyeValues and get a free t-shirt!


September 17: Inclusion Starts with Me

Time and Location: Alonso Family Room at 4:30 p.m.

Facilitated by: Ridhwan Sediqe

Description:  What does it mean to be inclusive, and why is it important? We live in an era where being attentive to the needs and experiences of different people is becoming an essential part of how we engage with our college experience, but how do we put this demand for inclusion into practice?! Join us in unpacking what inclusion is, how we are implicated by it and what are simple strategies and resources that we can use to apply it to our lives. There will be pastries and refreshments available as well so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get involved!


September 18: Art of Change

Time and Location: Alonso Family Room at 4 p.m.

Facilitated by: Brittany Habbart and Indigo Gonzales

Description: Are you a visual person? Artistic? This workshop is for you! Together, we will share our stories about the importance of visibility and art as it relates to claiming (or reclaiming!) one’s identity, sharing of culture and learning about one another’s belief systems. There will be an opportunity for all participants to make their own art, to share a story, or to bring with them an item that symbolizes their own identity and how that piece is meaningful to them. Light refreshments will be served.


September 19: Ice Cream for Intersectionality

Time and Location: Alonso Family Room at 7 p.m.

Facilitated by: Kai Taylor-Deak and Mia Cariello

Description: This sweet program will be a great introduction to understanding different social identities, and creating a better understanding of what intersectionality is, and its necessity in social justice work. An ice cream bar will be provided for participants to build their own desserts. The toppings for the ice cream will serve as a symbol for the different social identities that each person holds. Using this metaphor, participants will be lead through a discussion of how identities overlap and interact with one another, and some toppings/identities are not as valued, or are appreciated more, than others. Ice cream, you scream for intersectionality! Join us!


September 20: Shattering Stereotypes

Time and Location: Enarson Classroom Building Rm 212 at 6 p.m.

Facilitated by: Denise Liew, Alex Ryan and Kylee Wood

Description: This fun and interactive program will explore our earliest messages about different identity groups. Together we will discuss how assumptions and misinformation can sometimes lead to biases and stereotypes. We will participate in different activities that offer an opportunity to identify our own implicit biases, and learn important skills to help interrupt some of our automatic thinking. We will also learn more about how to be more aware of how our words and actions affect others. 


September 21: Inclusion in Action

Time and Location: Alonso Family Room at 4 p.m.

Facilitated by: Zaria Smith

Description:  Looking for ways to have conversations about diversity and inclusion with your friends? Want to learn ways to redirect hurtful or misinformed comments from friends and family members? This useful workshop is for you! This highly interactive conversation will focus on ways you can communicate positively with your friends, address bias directly and build skills toward listening and facilitating open and honest dialogues about a wide range of identities and issues. Participants will have an opportunity to try out new skills, and tactics that will serve to empower friends and families to be authentic and caring with one another. Join us! All are welcome!