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Professional Development: Management Skills for Grad/Prof Students


Time: Wednesday, July 10, 2019 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Location: 130 Page Hall

The faciliators will provide an overview of teamwork and influencing techniques, which have direct application in the academic lab setting, grant-driven research, and the public and private world of research. This interactive workshop will help participants understand the skills necessary to gain a better understanding of self and how to assess others abilities and leverage those strengths to improve their working relationships and work satisfaction.

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Handling Your Relationships with Others

  • Identifying your major work relationships and strategies for improving them
  • The problems involved in working with other sections/departments

The Art of Negotiating

  •  Why negotiating skills are essential to success
  • Steps in preparing for a negotiation and effective negotiating techniques

How to Sell Ideas and Change within Your Organization

  • Checklist for proposing change and requirements to sell change
  • Essential steps when selling a change to colleagues/superiors

Working Effectively With the Boss

  • Analyzing the style of the boss and understanding the viewpoint of the boss
  • Devising ways to capitalize your strength to work effectively with the boss
  • Guidelines for communicating upwards


  • Reach consensus and increase collaboration
  • Fundamentally understand the value of negotiation
  • Understand and compliment different leadership styles
  • Explore different types of working relationships

Limited seating is available.

Kerry Hodak
Ohio Union Activities Board

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