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CARE Ambassador Application CLOSES


Time: Sunday, September 8, 2019 11:00 PM - 11:30 PM

Location: online


CARE Application Information

CARE has rolling admissions, meaning that anyone can apply at any point in the semester to be qualified!

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  • Keen interest in learning about different cultures and enhancing personal intercultural experience
  • Enthusiasm about helping others
  • Willingness to take initiatives and exercise leadership
  • Demonstrated ability to manage academic workload


  • Communicate with students from different countries in your residence hall, and communicate their thoughts and concerns to Hall Council, Hall Director, and Program Coordinator of Residential International Students at the Office of Student Life
  • Assist Hall Director and RAs in promoting cultural understanding and learning between domestic and international students
  • Advertising and marketing on-campus cultural events
  • Build a solid knowledge of existing programs, resources, and services and provide information for international students
  • Maintain a supportive and cohesive network with CARE Ambassadors in other residence halls through attending general assembly meetings and planning team-building activities


  • Enrichment of global perspectives and connections throughout the world
  • Enhancement of a powerful employable skill set for future professional opportunities, including interview skills, resume building, career advising, leadership development, cross-cultural communication, event planning, financial skills, etc.
  • Membership in a lasting network with an inspiring cohort of global leaders
  • Influence on Ohio State’s course of globalization
  • Certificate of participation as a token of appreciation in recognition of contribution

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