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Sponsorship Requests

The Student Life Multicultural Center is pleased to assist in sponsoring many different kinds of events and programs! Students, staff, faculty and community members are most welcome to contact us to discuss how we can assist in supporting events, including donation of our space, marketing events through our diverse networks, offering staff time to facilitate events, program consultations around diversity and inclusion and collaborations.

Anyone seeking a sponsorship from the MCC for a program or activity may direct all relevant information to Dr. Todd Suddeth by phone (614.688.8449) or email ( Depending on the level of sponsorship, we request mention of our name and/or inclusion of our logo in marketing materials and programs we are supporting.

Please download the Sponsorship Guidelines at the top for guidance on how to acknowledge our sponsorship efforts with you.

Please contact this office's Marketing Specialist, Kit Lewis (, with questions about branding/logos for the marketing materials for programs we co-sponsor with you.

Facility Use Requests

Anyone seeking use of space in the MCC as a sponsorship for a program or activity may direct all relevant information to Teena Poole by phone (614.688.8449) or email ( Examples include the Alonso Family Room, the front lobby and the conference room in the center.