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  • OSQ* is a friendly, confidential resource OSQ* is a friendly, confidential resource

OSQ*: Queer, Questioning and Allied Mentoring

LGBTQ Initiatives at the Student Life Multicultural Center is pleased to announce our brand new peer-mentoring program! An extension of our First Year Q*mmunity, this program facilitates one on one interaction between LGBTQ and allied students at The Ohio State University as a way of building community and supporting the personal and academic needs of our newer LGBTQ students.


Who are our Mentors?

Mentors are caring LGBTQIAP and allied students at Ohio State. The role of an OSQ* Mentor is primarily to help mentees feel welcome at Ohio State, and support them in connecting to queer community through programming and building personal relationships. Under the leadership of our Ohio State Head Mentors, our mentors are trained to provide support and informed guidance on queer-related issues and concerns such as...

·         Making connections with other queer, questioning and allied students at Ohio State

·         Learning to act as an ally to queer communities

·         Working through confusion about sexual orientation and/or gender identity

·         Accepting oneself as LGBTQQIAP or any other identity associated with these communities

·         Coming out to friends, family and other folks on campus

·         Accessing resources at the collegiate, local and national levels

·         Understanding how sexual orientation and/or gender identity intersect with other aspects of identity

Mentors Application - Please note, first-year students do not qualify to be mentors. 

2018-2019 Mentor Applications Available Now. Please find the application here.


What Can Mentees Expect?

Mentees in the program will have one-on-one interaction with two mentors, and the opportunity to participate in OSQ* events. If you want to be a mentee, press the button below and fill out our online questionnaire. Only the LGBTQ Intercultural Specialist, the OSQ* Head Mentors, and the mentors to which you are matched will see your responses. Any student at Ohio State, in any year, may apply to be a mentee. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Shortly after applying, you will be matched to your mentors, and they will contact you promptly.

Mentees Application 

2018-2019 Mentee Applications Available Now. Please find the application here.


For more information, please contact our LGBTQ Intercultural Specialist, Jeff Perkins.