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LGBTQ Initiatives

LGBTQ Initiatives through the Multicultural Center support and advocate for the unique academic and social needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer or questioning, intersex, asexual and pansexual (LGBTQIAP) students and communities accross Ohio State. We nurture reflective thought and provide a welcoming and inclusive space for all members of campus to explore issues related to sexual and gender identity, to learn more about LGBTQIAP communities and to engage the support of people minoritized for their sexual and/or gender identities and expression. 

Through our programming, leadership development, training, educational resources and service-learning opportunities, LGBTQ Initiatives further the academic mission of Ohio State and the Multicultural Center students, engaging staff, faculty and the Central Ohio community toward extraordinary experiences for all.

Our programs and services are based on the four primary themes of Signature Event Programming, LGBTQ Student Support, Leadership Development and Educational Programs. 

Signature Events

Signature Events are the hallmark programs of the Student Life Multicultural Center and demonstrate a strong tradition of building community and raising visibility every year. Signature events are implemented with the support of professional staff and in partnership with student organizations. LGBTQ-specific signature events include:

  • Sept:  Bi Visibility Week and Out for Change Retreat
  • Oct:    LGBTQ History Month and National Coming Out Day
  • Nov:   Transgender Empowerment and Awareness Week 
  • Dec:   Queer Family HoliGay Dinner
  • Jan:   Day of Service
  • Mar:   Herstory Honoring Queer Womyn
  • Apr:   Rainbow Celebration and Lavender Graduation
  • Jun:   Buckeye Pride 


LGBTQ Student Support

The Q*mmunity Groups offered for LGBTQ students by the Student Life Multicultural Center focus on intersections between identities, community building, personal development and leadership.

First Year Q*mmunity, 1st and 3rd Tuesdays @ 8 p.m.

This group seeks to provide social support for LGBTQ first year and transfer students joining our campus community. The group combines small group discussions and social outings with peer mentors to help new students navigate Ohio State. First Year Q*mmunity meets on a biweekly basis. 

QTPOC Q*mmunity, 4th Tuesdays @ 6 p.m.

A space for Queer and Trans People of Color to come together and discuss the intersections of race and LGBTQ identities. This is a social space that facilitates dialogue around QPOC experiences, how QPOC students can build community, learn self-advocacy skills and get connected on campus. Meetings happen on the 2nd Wednesdays of the month at 8 pm.

Q*mmunity Dialogues, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays @ 8 p.m.

An inclusive environment for queer and allied students to discuss their experiences and explore issues faced by LGBTQQIAP communities. Attendees engage with topics on identities, navigating campus and community life and more! Q*mmunity Dialogues meet on a biweekly basis.

OSQ*: Queer, Questioning and Allied Mentoring

An extension of our First Year Q*mmunity, this program facilitates one on one interaction between LGBTQ and allied students at The Ohio State University as a way of building community and supporting the personal and academic needs of our newer LGBTQ students. For more information, please check out our OSQ* page


Leadership Development

The Student Life Multicultural Center is committed to the belief that leadership is a tenet of personal and professional success that is not necessarily contingent upon holding a formal leadership position within an organization or in the workplace. Rather, leadership is exemplified by caring, ethical behavior and a commitment to creating inclusive, socially just environments.

LGBTQ Leaders' Consortium, 2nd Wednesdays @ 8 p.m. 

Ohio State has a number of LGBTQ student organizations that tackle the political and social issues affecting the lives of LGBTQ communities. Our Leaders Consortium serves as an umbrella for these student orgs to come together, plan collaboratively, build community and develop as LGBTQ and allied campus leaders. The LGBTQ Leaders' Consortium meets on a biweekly basis.

Out for Change Retreat

Conference Travel


Educational Programming 

Education Programs focus on the most salient issues impacting LGBTQ people and communities in local and national contexts, as well as local and Ohio State communities. LGBTQ Initiatives collaborates with Ohio State offices, our GLBT Alumni Society and community resources of Central Ohio to produce our educational programs. Educational programs include:

Safe Zone Project

For some, just gaining a basic knowledge of LGBTQ issues is the starting point. For others, learning to be an active ally to LGBTQ members of our campus community is a step they want to take. Regardless of where you are, the Safe Zone Project was created to provide a forum for sharing of information, breaking down stereotypes and opening up dialogue. The Safe Zone training is designed to raise awareness and discuss ways to make the spaces we live, and work in, more welcoming and inclusive of LGBTQ people. Email Jeff Perkins for training requests.

101 Series

Be on the lookout for our newly developed 101 Series. These trainings can be viewed as an addendum to the basic Safe Zone Project. These mini-trainings provide a closer look at communities within the larger LGBTQQIAP acronym such as the Ace Spectrum, and Non-monosexual communities. 


Campus Resources


  • LGBTQ at Ohio State - A website created as a central resource for LGBTQ students, staff, faculty and allies. Visit to learn about support services on campus and around the Columbus community, opportunities to get involved on campus, available trainings and academic offerings.
  • The Ohio State University allows students, staff and faculty to use their preferred name on their BuckID and will replace a BuckID listing a legal name at no cost. In order to list your preferred name on your BuckID, you must sign in and update your name in Buckeye Link first. Learn more on the BuckID website.

  • University Marketing offers a template to build your email signature for email communications and includes the option to include your pronouns and honorific title.

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For additional information about programs services, please contact Jeff Perkins.