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National Coming Out Day

Every year, the Student Life Multicultural Center recognizes National Coming Out Day (NCOD), which occurs annually on October 11.

The coming out process is exciting, challenging, scary and beautiful. Knowing that every journey with coming out is unique, the Student Life Multicultural Center wants to support all LGBTQ+ students in their self-discovery process. Want to talk? Do not hesitate to get in touch with the Student Life Multicultural Center's Intercultural Specialist for LGBTQ Student Initiatives, Ari Grubaugh, at


On October 11, 2021, there will be two opportunites to celebrate National Coming Out Day with the SLMCC.

National Coming Out Day: Out & Fabulous Photo Op
Monday, October 11, 2021, 1 - 5 p.m.
Multicultural Center - What’s Your Story Lounge

Happy National Coming Out Day! Whether you're coming out for the first time or the millionth, celebrate NCOD with the Student Life Multicultural Center. Students, faculty, and staff are invited to come to the front lounge of the MCC to have an “out & fabulous” photo taken that can be shared on social media, including in a digital collection to be shared during the keynote later this month, or simply as a token of personal pride. All participants will receive a History Maker t-shirt to commemorate LGBTQ History Month.

National Coming Out Day: The Coming Out Monologues
Monday, October 11, 2021, 7 - 9 p.m.

Whether you are out to everyone, a few friends, or only yourself -- everyone has a coming out story! The Coming Out Monologues is an opportunity for LGBTQIA+ students at Ohio State to share their stories of coming out and living authentically. Stories may be funny or serious, heart-breaking or heart-warming, or all of the above. Join us to share or just to listen. Registration is required. Register at If you are interested in speaking, please complete the following form by October 7 at 11:59 PM: Speakers will receive a History Maker t-shirt to commemorate LGBTQ History Month.

Coming Out Resources

While every coming out journey is unique, you can still rely on the knowledge of those who have come out before you! Below are resources that may assist you in the coming out process:

Coming Out Tips

Here are some helpful tips for coming out:

  • There is no right or wrong time to come out.
  • Be patient and kind with yourself. It’s not necessary to tell everyone at once. Take your time. Do not push yourself.
  • Start small. It can be easier to start by telling friends before telling family. If you think a family member will be easier to tell, start there.
  • Develop a support network of folks who are accepting and supportive.
  • Be positive. When you come out to someone, you set the tone.
  • Find resources or a mentor you can talk to.
  • Be patient with others. Realize that some people may need some time to adjust, but do not compromise who you are for the comfort of others.
  • If you’re unsure of your sexual orientation or gender identity, that's okay! You don't have to pick an identity label right away and you can always change your label if it no longer fits you best.
  • Ask LGBTQ+ friends and family members to share how they came out.
  • Refer parents and friends to PFLAG and other resources that might help.
  • Be prepared for different reactions -- positive, negative, and unsure
  • Always consider your personal safety when coming out. It is okay to choose not to come out because of safety concerns.
  • Coming out is a lifelong process that varies as you progress. At the end of the day, your identity and your life have value and you deserve love, respect and support from yourself and others.
    *Adapted from the UCLA LGBT Resource Center