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LGBTQ Education Dialogues and Programs

LGBTQ Dialogues and Education Programs focus on the most salient issues impacting the LGBTQ and allied community. The scope of these programs adapts to address the changing needs of LGBTQ people in local and national contexts, as well as in the centralized context of the Ohio State campus community. Education programs are implemented with the support of professional staff and in partnership with the LGBTQ Alumni Society, other campus units and Central Ohio community resources.

Within the scope of educational programs there are:

  • Anti-Racism Series: This quarterly program series focuses on racism within the LGBTQ community, the development of anti-racist practice for the LGBTQ community and the contributions of people of color to the LGBTQ community.
  • Gender Identity Series: This quarterly program series focuses on gender identity, gender-normative privilege, wellness, transphobia and the contributions of transgender, intersex, gender non-conforming and gender-variant people to the LGBT community.
  • Sexual Orientation Series: This quarterly program series focuses on sexual orientation, heterosexual privilege, wellness, homo and biphobia and the contributions of bisexual, lesbian and gay people to the LGBT community.
  • Faith and Spirituality Series: This quarterly program series focuses on the many threads of spiritual experiences, faith identities, cultural heritage and how they relate to gender and sexual identity development.
  • Speakers Bureau: The main student to student outreach arm of LGBTQ Programming Initiatives, the Speakers Bureau provides educational panels and presentations to various campus departments, classes and organizations on issues around sexual orientation and gender identity, with a focus on presenting the diversity of our community. In collaboration with professional staff, the Speakers Bureau student organization officers train new panelists and facilitators, coordinate panels and oversee the Speakers Bureau Program.
  • Safe Zone Project: The Safe Zone Project seeks to create a more welcoming and more inclusive campus environment, to strengthen community and to encourage networking among faculty, staff and students toward the goal of supporting the diverse individuals and communities with minoritized sexual and/or gender identities. Through the training program and the display of Safe Zone stickers/magnets, the project creates a visible and supportive network of allies within the campus community who have basic knowledge about issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.

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