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Keynote Speaker Series: "Radical Cram School" Conversations: Exploring a Web-Series for Empowering APIDA Youth (DICE)


Time: Friday, February 8, 2019 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Location: Gateway Film Center

Radical Cram School , a viral sensation, is a six-episode, unscripted web series focused
on engaging APIDA children to be powerful in their own bodies. Radical Cram School came
together through conversations with performance artist and comedian Kristina Wong, director
Jenessa Joffe, and producers Anna Michelle Wang and Theodore Chao about issues their
Asian American children experience growing up in Ohio, particularly around the racist and
misogynistic public conversation during the 2016 election.

In Radical Cram School , Kristina explores social justice with kids ages 7-11, focusing
primarily on the experiences of APIDA girls . Puppets, songs, games, and comedy help children
name constructs they see everyday, such as misogyny, structural racism, microaggressions,
and wage inequality. The series has garnered over half a million views across digital platforms
and is distributed by women’s comedy platform, WhoHaHa.

Beloved by fans and the progressive Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA)
community, the viral series received awesome press and sparked deep conversation about
parenting and raising the next generation of APIDA children using the hashtag
#RadicalCramSchool. However, the series also drew the hate of far-right conspiracy theorists
and white supremacists, such as Alex Jones of InfoWars . Dozens of hate videos have popped
up critiquing the series as “racist”, “communist”, and brainwashing APIDA children into
recognizing the racism surrounding them.

To rise above all this hate, a crowdfunding campaign of fans raised enough funds to
make a second season of Radical Cram School , in which the children, puppets, and Kristina will
delve into discussion of topics such as consent, gun violence, undocumented immigration,
emasculation, and civic participation that affect all children in the APIDA spectrum with
consultation by OSU professor Theodore Chao.

To watch the Radical Cram School Youtube Series before the event, please visit: 

This is part of the APIDA Heritage Month 2019

This event also counts for 1 DICE Credit toward your DICE Certificate. More information about DICE and how to earn credits can be found here: 

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